While the number of fatalities per mile driven has dramatically reduced over the last few decades, the highway remains one of the most dangerous places for Americans to be. The single best way to keep your family safe is to always use your seat belt. However, once you’ve had a traffic crash, you’ll need to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Indiana to determine who has responsibility for your financial losses and medical bills.

Are Single-Vehicle Crashes Less Likely to Cause Injuries?

Surprisingly, the opposite is true: the American Automobile Association found that, while most people fear what another driver will do to them, over half of all fatalities in the study were caused by single-vehicle crashes.

Many of these involve incapacitation by the driver – especially intoxication. If you’re drunk when your accident occurs, even the best Indiana personal injury lawyer will struggle with helping you get compensation – although you still may have some financial relief coming in certain cases.

Other studies seem to broadly concur with this finding. Yet, there’s good news: if you don’t drink and drive and keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel – and not on your smartphone – your chances of being killed in a car crash are drastically reduced.

Which Type of Collision Is the Most Dangerous?

The single most dangerous circumstance for drivers is when their vehicle strikes something off the road. This is probably true in large part due to off-road objects not being designed with crumple zones and other safety features to reduce injury.

Side impact collisions are probably second worst, with rollover accidents and head-on collisions being about equal. Rear-end accidents are usually the least likely to kill, since they tend to be fender-benders, and both the front and rear of modern vehicles are specifically designed to absorb a huge amount of impact force.

Regardless of who appears at fault, you need to consult with an expert personal injury lawyer in Indiana. Sometimes, determining responsibility can be exceedingly difficult, with many factors affecting the type and severity of the injuries. Contact Potts Law at (317) 951-0087 or fill out the online contact form.