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Criminal Defense Attorney IndianapolisIf you or a loved one has either been charged with or think you may be investigated for a crime, whether it be a driving offense, a DUI or OWI, or something as serious as manslaughter or even murder, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer at your side. You need a former prosecutor who has tried these types of cases before. Not only could you be facing jail or prison time, your career could be at stake and you could be facing financial penalties that could negatively impact you or your family.

As a former major felony deputy prosecutor Kevin Potts knows how to aggressively defend your rights at every step in the legal process from your initial hearing to trial. You need a criminal defense attorney who is not afraid to take a case to trial and is willing to utilize experience and creativity to your advantage.

Criminal defense attorney Kevin Potts has handled hundreds of misdemeanor and felony cases ranging all the way from your basic shoplifting case to murder. Kevin can thoroughly asses the strengths and weaknesses of your case from both the government’s perspective as well as our own. This ability becomes invaluable when your freedom is at stake. Facing a criminal charge can be a scary process and you need a knowledgeable and seasoned criminal defense attorney at your side. Call Potts Law LLC for a free consultation today! 317-951-0087

Below is a list of criminal cases Potts Law LLC handles
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Misdemeanors, D Felony or Level 6 Felony, Major Felony, DUI, OWI, OVWI, HTV/Traffic, Drug Charges, Gun Charges, Marijuana Possession & Dealing, Theft, Trespass, Criminal Mischief, Residential Entry, Domestic Violence, Sex Offenses, Battery Offenses, Robbery & Burglary, Alcohol related offenses, Murder, Expungements, Sealing Criminal Records, Probation/Parole violations, White Collar Crime, Bond hearings, Hardship licenses, Driving While Suspended, Operating a Vehicle Having Never Received a License, Reckless Driving, Speed Contest, Serious Violent Felony, Habitual Offenders, Juvenile Offenses

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