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Have you been arrested for drunk driving, DUI, OWI or OVWI? If so, you could be facing potential jail or prison time as well as some pretty severe fines and costs that you may not have anticipated. You need an experienced Indianapolis DUI attorney to assist you.

There are many facets to a DUI investigation including everything from the initial stop, the reasons for the stop and DUI investigation, the implementation of the investigation and the resulting breath or blood tests.  These varying facets are important as all require mandated statutory implementation of law enforcement procedures.

Take for instance the reasons for your stop. There are many different examples of intoxication cues that an officer will look for in a typical DUI investigation based on the Nation Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) manual regarding DUI investigations.  Beginning with the initial stop, typically in a DUI investigation the officer will look for signs of impairment while driving. These signs could be any of the following or any combination thereof: vehicular accident, swerving, crossing the center line, merging without signaling, fast start, slow start, breaking too early or too late, speeding and any other moving violation that could be caused by impairment. After pulling you over for the traffic infraction, there are many more different cues that an officer will look for when approaching your vehicle.  These cues might consist of the following: failure to comply with simple directions like obtaining your driver’s license or proof of insurance, fumbling or failing to find either piece, blood shot eyes, slurred speech, smell of alcohol on your breath or person, open containers in plain view. And when you exit the car, he will look for the following: unsteady gate, leaning on the car, unsteady balance.

As a former prosecutor and current Indianapolis DUI Attorney, Kevin Potts knows the how an officer is too properly implement the policies and guidelines of the NHTSA manual, understands the specific requirements of field sobriety testing, the rules accompanying implied consent, the proper implementation and maintenance of the portable breath test device (PBT) as well as the operation and maintenance of a proper breath test machine and the proper implementation of gas chromatography in determining the alcohol or drug content in blood..

You need to know how the process works and how what you do and say can affect what and how you are charged. You need an Indianapolis DUI attorney that is knowledgeable on standardized field sobriety testing (SFST’s) and how each test: the horizontal gaze nystagmus, the one leg stand and the walk and turn should be properly implemented by law enforcement according to the NHTSA manual and what it might mean for you if they were not. You need a DUI attorney who understands the process of  gas chromatography and how labs can make mistakes in determining alcohol content in blood. There may also be avenues to receive temporary specialized driving privileges if you’ve been charged with a driving offense. Kevin Potts, Indianapolis DUI Attorney and member of the National College of DUI Defense, has the experience and legal expertise to assist you in your time of need. Contact Potts Law LLC for your free consultation today! 317-951-0087

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