Specialized Driving Privileges

Specialized Driving Privileges, Hardship License

Are you tired of having your license suspended or revoked and not being able to drive where you want to go? If so, you may have some avenues available to get back out there on the road. In order to get there, you need an experienced specialized driving privileges attorney knowledgeable on traffic and statutory law regarding specialized driving privileges and hardship licenses.

Recent law changes in Indiana mandated an avenue for people to receive “specialized driving privileges” (SDP), previously called ‘hardship licenses’ under certain circumstances when their licenses are suspended.

So who might qualify for SDP? This is a pretty broad and wide ranging field, but to name a few: habitual traffic violators (HTV), DUI, OWI, OVWI suspensions, insurance suspensions, court ordered suspensions, BMV suspensions, unpaid traffic tickets and all those who are not ineligible.  Again, this is a pretty broad field and encompasses many people under many different circumstances, which is a good thing. There are a few circumstances however which the legislature decided SDP and I.C. 9-30-16  would not apply, namely: a) a person who has never received a valid driver’s license, b) a person who holds a commercial driver’s license CDL, c) a person who refused to submit to a chemical test under I.C. 9-30-6, d) a person who has been convicted for an offense which involved the operation of a motor vehicle and caused the death of another person, and finally e) a person who has previously received a specialized driving privilege and that person has more than one conviction for violating IC 9-30-16-5 .   If none of these exceptions are present in your case, and your license is currently suspended, chances are, you are eligible for SDP and Kevin Potts, specialized driving privileges attorney is here to help.

If you do find yourself in an eligible position to receive a specialized driving privilege, just know that a court can and probably will impose some additional responsibilities. Those would typically include: maintaining proof of insurance, carrying a copy of the order granting specialized driving privileges or have the order in the vehicle being operated by the person, and producing the copy of the order granting specialized driving privileges upon the request of a police officer.

As a former prosecutor, Kevin Potts has the traffic litigation experience, statutory knowledge and legal expertise to get you back out there on the road and into your car where you belong. Be sure to contact the right specialized driving privileges attorney to meet your needs. Call Potts Law LLC today for a free consultation! 317-951-0087

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