Slipping and falling is one of the most dangerous accidents in America. In fact, falls rank among the top 10 causes of both fatal and nonfatal injuries, a claim that can only be shared with car accidents and poisoning. If you’ve sustained an injury due to a fall, it’s essential to know how an Indianapolis personal injury Attorney can help you assert your rights as a victim.

Statute of Limitations

Before deciding to pursue a lawsuit due to your injury, you should know how long you have from the time of the incident to file with the courts. In the state of Indiana you have two years from the date of the injury-causing event to file.

If the claim is against a city or county, though, you only have 180 days. If the claim is against the state of Indiana, you are granted an additional 90 days beyond the city and county limitations to file your suit. If you intend to take your case to court after these time limits, you may find yourself without any recourse.

Pursuing a Case

When deciding to pursue a lawsuit, you should find a reputable personal injury attorney in Indianapolis who fully understands your situation and Indiana law. The attorney, or attorneys, should empathize with the hardships you face as a result of your injury, especially if you’re dealing with a tightened financial budget in addition to any physical pain. The right Indianapolis personal injury attorney will study the ins and outs of any insurance policy held by the at-fault parties, consult with medical and safety experts, and prepare your case for court to pursue the maximum monetary settlement allowable under Indiana law.

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