Being hit with a drug charge is terribly stressful for anyone. There are two basic divisions of criminal categories:

1. Misdemeanor charges
2. Felony charges

All drug charges will fall into these categories. Felonies are always more severe than misdemeanors, but the consequences of any drug conviction can be especially serious for college students. A simple possession charge can upend your life, so you must consult with a qualified Indiana drug arrest lawyer to learn how it will impact your college career.

Student Aid May Be Lost After a Drug Conviction

If a current student receives a drug conviction, they’ll be required to fill out a worksheet to determine how the conviction will impact their aid. In some cases, the loss of aid will be for a year. However, more serious convictions may cause you to permanently lose your right to receive financial aid.

Indiana is one of a handful of states where marijuana hasn’t been decriminalized yet, so being caught with even a small amount of it can still change the entire course of your life. No matter which drug you’ve been charged with possessing, you desperately need a drug arrest lawyer in Indiana to review the specifics of your case and help you preserve your legal rights.

Current Students Can Receive Academic Suspension for a Drug Charge

Depending on the school, you may be put on academic probation or even suspended if you’ve been caught on campus with illegal drugs. A conviction for current students, even if the incident occurred off campus, may also impact your academic status – and it can result in your losing your chance to apply for grad school.

Another consideration is how jail time may impact your current semester. While professors can be lenient about reasonable excuses for missing classes or an exam, they are almost never going to allow a makeup exam if you were incarcerated.

Before you talk to your professor or anyone at school about your drug charge, speak with an experienced Indiana drug arrest lawyer about your options. Contact Potts Law at (317) 951-0087 or fill out the online contact form.