Accidents can happen anywhere and have many causes. You could slip on an icy step exiting your own home or you could suffer an injury from someone running a stop sign. The difference is the second type of injury is caused by someone else’s negligence. When an injury is the direct result of another driver’s negligence, an experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyer can help you collect the damages you deserve.

Negligence and Damages

When a person is negligent in an accident, it means the accident was caused by their failure to exercise the care toward others which a reasonable or prudent person would do in the same or similar circumstances. For instance, a reasonable or prudent person would stop at a stop sign and wait for traffic to clear before crossing a highway. If a person were to race through that stop sign and hit a motorcycle, that driver would be considered negligent in their actions. There are four elements of negligence.

1. Duty of Care: All drivers have a duty to abide by all traffic laws and signals to ensure everyone’s safety.
2. Breach of Duty: Running a stop sign constitutes a driver’s breach of duty toward others on the road.
3. Causation: The driver running the stop sign caused a crash that directly resulted in your personal injury.
4. Damages: Showing how the driver’s actions in causing your injury translates into dollars and how those dollars are needed to cover medical expenses, financial losses and physical and mental pain and suffering.

Hiring an Indianapolis Car Accident Lawyer

Personal injury cases involving motor vehicles require the expertise of an experienced Indianapolis car accident lawyer like Kevin Potts. Using independent investigation, medical experts and accident reconstruction, the lawyers at Potts Law LLC will build a case that maximizes your settlement. Call Potts Law LLC for your free consultation today at 317-951-0087. You can also fill out our online contact form.