If you have an impending criminal court case, it is crucial that you understand how your social media activities can impact your trial. Law enforcement can subpoena social media accounts and use them as evidence against you. Any questions or concerns you have about your social media usage should be answered by an Indianapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer to ensure you get appropriate legal counsel.

Everything is Public

Never assume that the content you post online is confidential, even if you sent it through a private messaging app, it’s encrypted, or you took other precautions. Deleted messages and posts can be retrieved. Passwords do not stop authorities from unlocking your data. Anything you share on the internet can become part of the public record, regardless of your original intentions.

Land Mines Abound

There are countless ways in which your social media posts can be used against you. For example:

• You claim injuries following an accident, but photos online show you enjoying a party
• You insist you were in a certain spot at a certain time, but facial recognition software finds photos of you on other accounts that prove you were elsewhere at the time
• Check-in apps reveal that you were near the scene in question for a particular crime
• Status updates can show state of mind towards individuals or organizations

A criminal defense lawyer in Indianapolis can look at your social media accounts to prepare for any damage they may bring to your case.

Caution is Key

Once you learn you are under investigation or otherwise involved in a criminal court case, the best plan is to avoid social media entirely and stop posting. Do not delete your social media accounts however, as this only serves to make you look more guilty. Remember, deleted material can still be recovered. Simply stop using all your accounts and contact Potts Law at (317) 951-0087 or fill out the online contact form.