One of the rites of passage when it comes to owning and operating a car is purchasing automobile insurance. The purpose of this insurance is to protect yourself and others should an unfortunate incident happen. Despite this legal requirement of insurance, far too many motorists continue to drive without the necessary protection, putting you at unnecessary risk. If you become involved in an incident caused by an uninsured driver, it’s essential to know the facts at hand and how a car accident attorney in Indianapolis can help.

The Facts About Uninsured Motorists

Unless you work as an Indianapolis car accident attorney, you’d probably assume the percentage of uninsured motorists in the state of Indiana is reasonably low. After all, not only is there a legal requirement to hold appropriate insurance to own and operate a car, the people of Indiana are some of the kindest, most responsible people in the entire country. According the Insurance Information Institute, Indiana has the eighth highest percentage of uninsured motorists in America. Nearly one in six motorists are uninsured, according to the III’s estimates.

How the Law Can Help

If you’ve suffered personal or financial injury due to an incident caused by an uninsured motorist, Indiana state law provides relief. However, the laws and regulations can be challenging to navigate without a reputable car accident attorney in Indianapolis who’s familiar with the required steps to competently litigate a claim:

• Knowing the ins and outs of the insurance policies held by all of the involved parties to identify areas of coverage.
• Working with you, medical experts, and safety analysts to highlight evidence of injuries, financial harm, and responsible parties.
• Investigating third parties who have played a part in the cause of the incident.
• Fulfilling their duty to you to ensure you receive the maximum allowable monetary settlement under Indiana law.

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