Getting arrested and charged with a crime can be an emotional experience. Many people don’t understand the legal system or their rights, which is why it is imperative to find a quality Indiana criminal defense lawyer before you’re scheduled to appear in court. Potts Law LLC can help you achieve the best outcome for your case, no matter the type of crime you were charged with.

We Fight for Our Clients

Crimes can range from misdemeanors such as a traffic violation or petty theft to felonies such as murder or possession of an illicit substance. Unless an individual pays bail, he or she won’t be able to leave a cell before their scheduled appearance. Generally, the more serious the crime then the higher the bail amount.

Depending on an individual’s situation, an Indiana criminal defense lawyer may arrange for a bond review hearing. Evidence can be presented to the court to show that an individual isn’t likely to flee the state before their court appearance. The bond amount may be lowered or dropped altogether.

Open and Transparent Communication

The outcome of cases can vary widely depending on the evidence and circumstances. Repeat offenders especially face more severe penalties. An attorney should be open to your questions and be able to explain the meaning behind each court appearance. When you know an attorney is on your side, then you can have more hope about your future.

Testifying in Court

Individuals may also be asked to testify in court. Witnesses may be called in to explain their version of events before a judge and jury. This situation can be stressful, and Potts Law LLC is dedicated to preparing their clients for a trial so that they can enter a courtroom confident and ready to fight.

An Indiana criminal defense lawyer is waiting for your call. Contact Potts Law LLC today for more information and a free consultation at (317) 951-0087. You can also fill out the convenient online contact form.