An accident can be traumatizing, especially when you come out of it with a serious injury — it can take time to recovery mentally, physically and financially. On the long road to long-term healing, it’s very important for your well-being – and your case with an Indiana personal injury lawyer – that you follow your doctor’s advice.

Why It’s Important

First and foremost, your doctor’s advice is in place to prevent further complications with your injury. This can cover a wide variety of aspects, including:

• Mobility – helping you regain and retain the ability to move
• Limb function – recovering the use of injured limbs
• Cleaning wounds – keeping major injuries clean and free of infection
• Damage prevention – keeping injuries from getting worse
• Nutrition – following a diet that promotes healing

By closely following your doctor’s instructions, your journey to recovery will likely be shorter, faster and much easier.

What You Should Be Doing

After your initial visit, you need to schedule follow-up appointments and stay in regular contact with your doctor. Keep them informed on how your recovery is going and honestly tell them how you’re feeling. If prescribed any medications, communicate if they are helping and if your condition has improved or worsened. Be sure to track your progress and keep copies of any documents from your medical file, if possible.

How It Affects Your Case

When filing an injury claim, documents of your medical visits and recovery progress can be invaluable sources of proof that hold up well in court. Carefully following your doctor’s advice also shows medical compliance on your part, further improving your chances of winning the case. If you’re working with a personal injury lawyer in Indiana, provide them with copies of your medical documentation.

The road to recovery can be long and arduous without help. If you are ready to file a personal injury claim, contact Potts Law at (317) 951-0087, or fill out a contact form online.