Being charged with any crime is a stressful affair. The uncertainties about your future and the criminal process are terribly frightening for an individual to face. When the charges are for a violent crime, the potential ramifications are far more serious, and regardless of the level of offense, you need an aggressive and experienced advocate on your side. Indianapolis has around 12,000 violent crimes per year, and to be sure you are adequately represented, you need a top-tier Indianapolis criminal battery attorney to stand above other defendants.

What Is Battery?

Simple battery is defined by Indiana statutes as when someone “touches another person in a rude, insolent, or angry manner,” or “places any bodily fluid or waste on another person” in the same manner. This is a class B misdemeanor – a low-level offense, yet a violent one that will remain on your record, potentially losing you both your present job and future employment, along with plenty of other problems.

As the circumstances become more serious, the penalties for battery likewise worsen. For instance, if simple battery results in an injury, it becomes a class A misdemeanor. Moderate injury, battery against a child under 14 by an adult, battery against an endangered adult or using bodily fluids infected with certain diseases is a felony. While the details are somewhat complicated, the level of offense continues to worsen as the elements mentioned above combine, or the injury becomes more serious, or both. Battery can even be a level 2 felony, resulting in imprisonment of up to 30 years and major fines.

Why Is an Experienced Attorney so Important?

Having a good Indianapolis criminal battery attorney can be the difference between a violent criminal conviction along with a lengthy prison stay versus exoneration for a defendant. Being innocent isn’t enough; sometimes, police misconduct or a suspect’s unfortunate statements can make a person seem guilty. Kevin Potts is a former prosecutor who can thoroughly assess the state’s case against you and formulate a powerful defense to preserve your constitutional rights. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation at (317) 951-0087 or fill out the online contact form.