Being charged with a criminal offense can feel like the weight of the world has straddled your shoulders. At the least, it certainly brings all the resources of the judicial system to bear on you in what feels like a very personal way. But don’t give up! With a competent Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer, you can protect your rights and be represented by someone with your interests at heart.

While there’s several choices in the Indianapolis area, realistically you need an attorney who has very extensive experience with the system and its practitioners if you want a favorable outcome. Kevin Potts is uniquely positioned to fight for your constitutional rights. A former major felony prosecutor (with a 95% conviction rate), he witnessed first-hand how the legal system can destroy the lives of defendants who are not adequately represented in court and decided he couldn’t stand idly by and allow that to happen.

Kevin Potts has litigated hundreds of cases, from “minor” misdemeanors up to and including murder – in at least one case he successfully reduced a murder charge to aggravated battery with no prison time. An aggressive Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer, his wide trial experience includes (but isn’t limited to)

• Major crimes, such as murder and other serious violent felonies
• Drug possession and dealing
• Sex offenses
• Juvenile offenses
• DUI, OWI, OVWI other traffic offenses, including ignition interlock requirements
• Burglary, theft and white-collar crimes
• Many other felony and misdemeanor offenses

No other Indianapolis criminal defense lawyer has his experience or qualifications. As a recognized member of Lawyers of Distinction, a Superlawyers rising star, and one of 2018’s Elite Lawyer’s top attorneys, he will apply detailed and creative legal defenses and counter-arguments to the government’s presentation of their evidence. His rating of “excellent” on Avvo and other review sites testifies to his clients’ satisfaction with their results.

When your very freedom is at stake, don’t take chances – call the one attorney whose commitment to upholding the constitutional rights of citizens is well-matched with his experience. Contact us today for more information and a free consultation at (317) 951-0087 OR fill out the online contact form.