In 2016 alone, more than 7 million personal injuries were reported in Indianapolis. Although several types of cases can constitute a personal injury, auto accidents are by far the most common. An accident often results in the victim spending significant time in the hospital and being unable to work and sometimes results in traumatic brain injury or even death. An Indianapolis personal injury attorney can help you determine your next steps in the event that you or a loved one suffer an accident.

Discussion of the Event

The first step is to schedule a consultation. During your appointment, your attorney will discuss the situation with you, helping you to determine who was at fault, whether that party has insurance that covers the costs associated with the accident and how the case might be settled in or out of court.

Preparation of the Case

Once it is determined that you have a case, your Indianapolis personal injury attorney will prepare it for court. This includes handling all conversations with the other party’s insurance company or lawyer and, if necessary, proving the at-fault party. Proving fault typically involves hiring independent investigators to re-create the accident and determine what went wrong and why. It also often means speaking with medical experts, safety engineers and other authority figures.

Getting Compensation

Of course, the ultimate hope is that you will receive the necessary compensation for the accident. Sometimes, this simply means covering related medical bills, such as those for hospital stays, long-term care or physical therapy. In some cases, it also means receiving compensation for time taken off work that caused bills to pile up. Sometimes, victims receive compensation for emotional trauma as well.

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