Being charged with a drug crime is a terribly stressful event; conviction carries not only criminal penalties but a stigma and possibly major consequences to your career and personal life. It’s critical to have some legal representation and advice at times like that, but even better is choosing a qualified and experienced drug crime lawyer in Indianapolis.

Misdemeanor vs Felony Drug Charges

Any criminal drug charge – whether misdemeanor or felony – requires competent representation. Misdemeanor drug charges in Indiana involve possession of small, personal quantities of marijuana and are less serious than felonies, but can still have significant negative consequences outside of the legal charges. Both private and public employers often do background checks which can turn up even relatively minor convictions. Some government benefits, such as low-income assistance and student loans and grants, may automatically disqualify anyone with a drug conviction, and even misdemeanors may result in jail time.

Many employers who might otherwise ignore misdemeanors will immediately terminate those with felony convictions, especially involving dealing. Felonies include all the above disadvantages and others, such as:

• Long-term prison sentences
• Loss of voting privileges
• Loss of free travel
• Very large fines

Having the Right Attorney Matters – a Lot

In some cases, those charged can qualify for a public defender. However, public defenders, while sometimes well-qualified and earnest, may be so desperately pressed for time due to outrageous caseloads, they frequently seek to plea bargain. Regrettably, this still results in a conviction with all the potential negative consequences already discussed.

Private attorneys usually have more time to devote to individual cases but may not have the requisite experience to address the intricacies of drug charges. When choosing an attorney, make sure they have years of experience fighting against drug charges. Ideally, they will have experience from both sides; former prosecutors can be far more familiar with how cases are developed and presented and may know how specific prosecutors tend to work their cases.

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